Saturday, June 04, 2005
Moving post to
I am moving the posts from Blogger to If you have been following my posts, please update your links, or feed reader settings.
Thursday, February 17, 2005
Opinion radars?
I am always gald to see how a meme could spread... Let's see if opinion radar is a good one. has been proposed by Marco Montemagno to better contextualize the Technorati tag searches. The link I added to the previous sentence is the example of its use, and actually at this time it will be the first Technorati tag to use opinion radar.

Will it be fit?
Thursday, December 30, 2004
Bootstrapping humans
Memes made sure they had an environment to thrive on by accelerating the evolution of humans. Research covered in the Guardian describes how the evolution of the human brain has been very quick in confront of that of other species, and attributes it to the pressures of the social environment.

The new replicator takes control of the medium in which it lives: how quick in terms of geological change was the emergence of a life-sustaining environment, once life appeared?
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
New replicator found?
In an understandably vague article, that tries to explain in layman's terms the meaning of a new theorem about the interactions of quantum states with the environment, Nature announces the results of a team of US physicists, that aims to explain the objective shared reality we observe, through the involvement of a new replicator. This new replicator, multiplying, with variation, exposed to the selective pressure of a limited environment or resource, is what they call the imprint of the pointer state.

After biological genes, memes from Dawkins, and universes (as in Smolin's interpretation of the meaning of the black-hole singularity), we seem to have the idea of a new replicator to play with.
Monday, December 27, 2004
Googling Google through Netcraft
Looking up the Netcraft records for * brings up a lot that deafaults to or its equivalents. There are a few gems, like, that make you feel you could control the Google Universe if only you had the right password, or if someone gave one to you (as there is an email link to ask for the password to be reset!). Also interesting there is, which seems to be a demo site for the Google Search Appliance. It doesn't look like anybody reported on it yet, as the Google query "link:" does not bring back any result. As you play with the search dialog, the query for "public content", on "search appliance" for example, brings back results that are similar to that of the regular Google search, only on a smaller subset, and with no advertising or sponsored links. The "public and secure content" option timed out each time I tried. Anybody with more luck or fantasy?
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Great mix of mapping and photos: Mappr!
The release of the Flickr API has proved to be very fertile, and now has produced a gem: Mappr tries to interpret the tags of photos, to place them on the map of the US. Of course this should be immediately extended worldwide! Since you can look up other tags that are not geography related to create collections, and you should also be able and select the date of the photos, I can already see how you could follow the seasons of blossoming through the continents by looking at the right tags the right time.
Saturday, December 18, 2004
Dissent Is Not Un-American
Geof Stone is guest-blogging on about dissent, and how politicized media or strong-arming politics can suppress it, or try tint it with shades implied guilt.

One of the most commovent views at a trip I took to the US in November 2001 was a poster the width of the entire building, at the second storey of Citylights Bookstore, in San Francisco. It had about a dozen black and white faces, with a flag of the US in color covering their mouths. The slogan was "Dissent Is Not Un-American".
Ideas fighting it out in the scarce resource of a mind.

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